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What Caused The Revival Of ‘Stranger Things’?

Erika Fitch investigates...

Recently, the series ‘Stranger Things’ took the internet by storm. Social Media has consistently discussed the show as some platforms made edits, whilst others supported the actors for their amazing performance in the show. However, many of those who haven’t binged watched the show ask the question, “What caused its popularity to spike?” And I’m here to answer that very question.

Stranger Things has been a popular series since the beginning. The show often gains its popularity in the first couple months after the release of a new season, and then the hype begins to slowly decrease. The show is known for its horror, thrill and adventure throughout the 3 seasons (the first season being released in July of 2016) but recently (as of May 26th 2022) the show has aired season 4 of the series which caused the internet to go WILD. New characters such as ‘Eddie Munson’ and ‘Chrissy Cunningham’ have become fan favourites of those who have a particular interest in the show. However, original characters such as ‘Steve Harrington’, ‘Will Byers', ‘Nancy Wheeler', and ‘Max Mayfield’ (who joined the show in season 2) have still remained popular.

So that’s why you may notice Stranger Things scenes, cast members, or merchandise, well, everywhere! Many different brands such as Primark and PullAndBear have gotten involved in this, via making trendy shirts related to the show. Many of the merchandise includes a ‘Hellfire Club’ reference which refers to the series’ Dungeons and Dragons D&D group. But other shirts may show the logo of ‘Stranger Things’ written upside down which links to an underground world called ‘The Upside Down’! I personally visited California this year and was amazed to see the impact the show had there. I walked past HUNDREDS of people wearing hellfire shirts and noticed a couple buildings and stalls selling merchandise related to the show, I also got to visit some of the filming locations!

Its popularity has soared from the roof! And you most likely saw a TON of people dressed up as characters from Stranger Things at Halloween this year. The show’s ranking on Netflix has been ranked 2nd in the WORLD, which may clear up why you're seeing it everywhere you look. Thanks for reading and I hope this interests you to learn more about the show, or even binge watch it!

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Date: 12/10/2022

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Lewis Allen
Lewis Allen
06 févr. 2023

Definitely the new season.

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