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BeReal - or is it BeFake?

Many of you may have heard of the newest hit social media app, BeReal! Allowing you to only post one photo a day at an unpredictable moment. This was done in order to share an authentic, unfiltered photo of your day-to-day life. But in reality, is this true?

As a BeReal user myself, I always miss the notification. It seems that every time that two-minute timer goes off I always seem to be away from my phone, this has to be a joke! Then it got me thinking, my BeReal is littered with images posted one, two even five hours late, so how is this realistic to what I was doing at that second?

The majority of BeReal users post that very second so we truly see a real-life screenshot of what they're doing. Whether that's lounging by the television or diving into a good book. Though while I was scrolling through the discovery page it hit me, could people be faking their posts?

Though we're only limited to two minutes of camera time, could we extend this to make our life seem more interesting than it actually is?

Yes! Once the notification goes off you can post at any moment, it's just deemed as late. This means I have time to find something appealing in my house or possibly rush somewhere (unfortunately, it isn't possible to drive all the way to Las Vegas during that time period).

Then what's the point? If this app is designed to be the unfiltered version of social media, why do I find myself retaking the photo multiple times until I think I look good?

There is no real answer to why we as humans act like this; maybe we're too used to filters or we just believe everyone around us is judging how we live our lives.

So next time the BeReal notification pops up, just think:

Are you BeReal or are you BeFake?

  • Written by Kara Palmer

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