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Podcasting: Take a Gamble...

Evelyn Gamble at the Inkling discusses the challenges inherent in getting a pod cast up and running.

Having spent all week, every lunchtime, in the Inkling office with the team, I'm now going to indulge you in the details of our current challenging project in the form of a how-to guide!

Research, Research, Research (K Palmer - Chief of Organisation)

This week, we set out to produce a podcast focusing on the 1954 hit 'Rear Window'. This film is an integral part of our GCSE course, and therefore we know it really well. However, we needed to prepare thoroughly for the major areas of discussion: Hitchcock cameos, aspects of mise-en-scene, cinematography, and how the film reflects the 1950s US context. Remembering facts, figures, and more complicated content is a must - and without it a podcast can lack the necessary depth to be taken seriously.

Overcoming the giggles (Tiago)

A major stumbling block came in the form of Tiago - who let him in here? Throughout the process, we quickly realised as younger adults, we couldn't retain a consistent level of maturity to see the project over the line. Or indeed start it! By repeating the process many times, we became better used to controlling our emotions and eventually produce a professional product.

Kitty 'The Rock' Thornley

No, not the infamous Dwayne Johnson, but SVC's very own podcast anchor. Her role has been to maintain a sense of control over the discussion, and rein-in the like of Helayna Beck on her many digressions into film history. It is not an easy task, but essential to a coherent podcast where all parties involved are given the chance to air their views and challenge those of others.

Doubtless, these are challenges for any new podcast team. We urge your patience in waiting for our very first podcast...

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1 Comment

Lewis Allen
Lewis Allen
Jan 02, 2023

I was taught gambling was bad for you..

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