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Inhaler: Breathing Life Back Into Indie Rock'n'Roll

'It Won't Always Be Like This'. Inhaler's debut album, released in the summer of 2021, is a cathartic chaos of catchy choruses and captivating composition. Their tour, named after the album, spanned two continents and the band is set to travel to the festival season at Hurricane Festival, Schessel, Germany (17/06), Glastonbury, UK (24/06) and Summer Sonic Festival, Osaka, Japan (20/08).

Citing bands like The Stone Roses, The Strokes and Joy Division as key influences, Inhaler's experimental style - dabbling in genres from rock to psychedelic to indie - creates a new wave of Gen Z music that stands out amongst a sea of angsty punk-pop and dance anthems.

Their recent release of new song - 'These Are The Days' - left fans wondering if their second album (announced earlier this year) will be dropped in the coming months or if the band is set to tease them. This wouldn't be surprising as the hit single 'Ice Cream Sundae' failed to make the track list of the first album.

The band consists of Elijah Hewson (vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, keyboards, piano), Josh Jenkinson (electric guitar, acoustic guitar, keyboards, percussion, backing vocals), Robert Keating (bass guitar, keyboards, piano, backing vocals) an Ryan McMahon (drums, percussion).

◾Inhaler will play the Cambridge Junction on 22/06.

  • Written by Eleanor Hylton

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