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I Miss My Café… Don’t you?

Have you ever romanticised about studying in a café? Perhaps you’re writing a novel and the only way to get your creative juices flowing is the dynamic coffee shop environment. Either that or you just want to drink exquisite blends of coffee.

This can prove to be difficult though, as businesses are still recovering from COVID-19 and transport for teenagers is still a huge debate topic. So, can you really risk the journey to find the most accommodating café? What if I say there's a way you can experience all this at home?

With just the click of a button you can access one of the most convenient websites that gives you the perfect, adjustable coffee shop experience.

I introduce to you: 'I Miss My Café'. This allows students to immerse themselves with the much desired cosy ambience at home.

The best aspect of this website is how flexible it is. With up to eight different café sounds that you can toggle on and off, you can create the perfect blend for you. With such a variety, you can decide whether you wish to listen to the sound of lattes being made or indeed if you wish to listen to the barista, Eli or the lovely Lank, call out many unique brews.

My personal favourite element is the adaptable sound. I can choose if I want any specific noise to be quieter than another or if I demand my ears to be drowned in the pitter patter of rain drops.

In addition, it gives you the opportunity to use pan controls. This means you can move the sound so it comes out of just one earbud. This helps creates the depth as you may wish to have a flickering fireplace on your right but the hustle of customers on your left.

Finally, the last budding feature available is the linking of your Spotify playlist. This allows you to stir your playlist into the coffee shop vibe, definitely the cherry on top.

"You can like change the amount of noise coming from the other café people, so if I wanted it to be like closing hours or lunch rush, I can get that impression" -Anonymous

With such a powerful website at your fingertips, the only thing you must do... grab a brew.

  • Written By Kara Palmer

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