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Glo Golf

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Looking for another option for a day out? Can't seem to find the perfect fit? Well then, I think Glo Golf might just be the option for you. Situated indoors, hidden in darkness with only UV lights and glow sticks, it truly is a memorable experience. The course, the golf ball and the golf stick all glow luminescent; however, make sure to keep an eye on those around you when on the course. Everyone is almost invisible in the darkness unless of course you're wearing white as you begin to glow under the UV light.

The course has 16 holes. Sounds short? Don't worry, the course's level of difficulty definitely keeps you for a while as it continues to rise with each and every hole on the course. And if you're looking for a bite to eat, Glo Golf offers their own menu and wide selection of drinks. For adults you can even have a drink from the pub side of Glo Golf while your children play in the small arcade that is just outside the bar. Glo Golf definitely offers hours of entertainment which makes the trip worth while.

As it is in Peterborough, it is only a 50 minute drive from SVC (although the car journey is worth it). The ticket prices vary depending on age however under 4’s can get into the course for free but no under 18’s are allowed after 8pm.

Personally, with my experience of visiting Glo Golf, I would definitely recommend the course. It's an abnormal kind of experience compared to the courses you will find by the beach and the artwork and graffiti on all of the walls is definitely inspiring. So if you're an Art GCSE student I would definitely recommend this trip to you.

Check out their website and book tickets as fast as you can:

  • Written by Megan Hope Newman

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