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Dungeons and Dragons off to a Blazing Success in Soham

Friday afternoons just came alive at Soham Town Library!

With the launch of the brand new Dungeons and Dragon club, SVC students have gone mad for fantasy adventures. Whether you were a new player or well experienced, everyone was welcomed into the family on day one of the new after-school club.

Upon arrival, we were all placed into groups of around 6-8 people. The best thing about being a part of a party is how together we all make chaos! With my personal experience playing D&D, my party all agreed it was our quest to capture and tame a pet duck (because of our team name 'Mystic Ducks'). We eventually did this and named it 'Toronto'. This goes to show when playing Dungeons and Dragons, anything is possible.

With glory-filled quests moments away, there was only one way to fully submerge us into this action-packed adventure: the creation of our characters.

One thing D&D strives to achieve is the immersion into your character. Not only does it allow you take the mindset of someone else's reality but it grants access to many different classes and races. All this so you can become fully engulfed into the spectacular fantasy world.

"The atmosphere is crazy! Everyone is so passionate and you're practically guaranteed to have a fun, exciting campaign filled with lots of twists. Honestly, you never know what will happen or where you'll go". - Student

"Absolutely speechless. It felt so chaotic that you could do ANYTHING!" - Student

A part many people enjoy is the fighting aspect of D&D. Filled with strategy and tactics, you and your party must work together to defeat many monsters and villains, though these may not always be successful.

With such a successful welcoming we can only hope Dungeons and Dragons club will continue to grow and thrive with the help of the amazing DMs that make these fantasies become a reality. To them we say, Thank You!

Kara Palmer, Year 11

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