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A plot description by Reuben Mitchell, Year 8.

The latest Marvel film is set to release on the 11th of November - and is the sequel to wondrous film Black Panther. What we know of so far of the story is that the Black Panther has died due to the late Chadwick Boseman's real-world tragic death to colon cancer. This means a new black panther will have to rise and protect Wakanda from danger.

The villain of this film is Namor, God of the sea who thinks that Wakanda is a danger to his world. He decides that he will attack first to stop any damage to his underwater world. Queen Ramonda is forced to go back to the throne, having been emotionally broken due to her son's death. The fact that Namor is invading her country does not help with this and she is desperate for a new warrior. Okoye and Everett Ross are there to help her, but she still needs a new Black Panther.

In the trailer we see a shot of the suit and people are saying it will be Shuri due to the similar dots on the suit's head and her head. So far that is all we know...

We look forward to the release of this highly anticipated film.

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