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A Delicious Pizza Twist with My Pizza Twisties Recipe

Personally, I'm not one for cooking but when I stumbled upon this enticing recipe, I just couldn't help myself.

If you too are a pizza enthusiast, I definitely recommend.

Pizza is a very popular dish all around the world but sometimes you need a twist. Now this dish definitely uses the word 'twist' to the max. Here's what you need to make it.


- 2 Sheets of Puff Pastry

- Grated Cheese (or perhaps mozzarella)

- Pizza Sauce

- Egg Wash/Milk (for browning)

- Any Toppings?

What to do and how you do it?

1. To begin your flavoursome cuisine journey, first you must roll out both your sheets of puff pastry. To ensure minimal waste we won't cut away any of the pastry, though it is completely optional to make your pizza twisties into a circular shape, we shall make ours into a rectangle.

2. On one of your puff pastries you need to cover it in a layer of pizza sauce. How ever much you please.

3. Next, grab you array of grated cheeses and sprinkle across the pizza sauced base (the more the merrier), Though remember to leave some spare for the final steps.

4. Now this next step is completely optional. Whether you like your pizzas just cheesy or find delight in the millions of toppings, add whatever you want to the surface of your pizza.

5. After that, your pizza quest almost comes to the end. Strangely enough you may now enclose your pizza with another layer of puff pastry, placed on top. Gently smooth this down so your pizza becomes encased in puff pastry. This makes the pizza seem more like a calzone than an actual pizza.

6. This is where the twist comes in. Carefully along the longer length of cut your pizza with a knife, though not to the middle. You need to cut around 3/4 down your pizza so it still is attached to a central base. You may do this on both sides so you have an equal amount on both sides. Then with the strip (still attached to the base) one at a time you must gently twit them so they become twisted. Now you have several pizza twists that are attached to a bigger pizza centre.

7. To finish, begin to brush your pastry with either the egg wash or milk so when you cook this delectable dish it turns golden brown. Then to finish it all off sprinkle over the remainder of your cheese so make it that extra bit cheesy and gooey.

8. Time to bake!! For an efficient finish warily cut small slits in the central rectangle so the heat can escape. Now place the unbaked product into the oven for around 15 minutes so the pastry can bake and the cheese can ooze.

9. ENJOY! Your pizza twisties are ready to dine on; just twist and pull to enjoy the cheesy goodness.

Can't beat a nice slice of pizza, especially with this twist.

- Written By Kara Palmer

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