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Amelia Bye explores the 6 Reasons YOU should join the SVC Creative Writing Club!

An opportunity not to be missed...

Creative writing club is a fun place to enjoy yourself, write stories, compose poems and share your creativity! The club is from 3pm-4pm and is every Thursday.

Every week there are two or more prompts to choose from (a theme or idea upon which to base your writing). However, if they don’t suit your style or don’t inspire you, the club doesn’t restrain what you write about - it encourages creativity!

The students in the club are really welcoming and friendly with everyone and anyone in the school welcome to come to the club...

Not all of the school clubs allow food in the room, but the creative writing club does. Sometimes people even bring snacks to share with everyone.

At the end of the club, someone usually shares the work that they wrote, but don’t feel pressured to share your work if you don’t want to. It is a very supportive atmosphere, though. You might be caught up in a tide of confidence.

Writing and reading can improve your vocabulary, which means the creative writing club helps improve your knowledge and skills in English - and could pave the way for a career as a journalist or novelist or poet.

It would be lovely to see you in B16!

By Amelia Bye


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