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10 things to do when you visit Cromer

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Cromer is a resort and town that can be found on the East coast line of the UK, near to Sheringham and West Runton which are its neighbouring seaside towns. It makes for an amazing day trip, especially over the summer holidays so that you can be exposed to the salty air, lush beaches and the blue sea.

Top 10

  1. Cromer is known for many reasons, one of which is the pier. It is the only remaining pier in the UK that holds an “end of the pier” variety show which attracts many tourists from outside and within the country. This show is said to be a great experience to watch and you should never miss a chance to go see it.

  2. Cromer is also famous for its crabs (known as the Cromer crabs) and there are many destinations throughout Norfolk where you can try these delicious delicacies. The crabs are caught in the North Sea around the town of Cromer and are very flavoursome and tender due to the nutrient-rich waters and chalk shelf within the area. In fact, Cromer crabs are one of Norfolk's biggest exports.

  3. You may also find on the Cromer pier a line of people crowded along the sides and a sea of nets dangling into the water. This is because at the start of the pier there is a small merchandise shop that holds crab nets, bait and crab buckets. This gives tourists and visitors the opportunity to catch their own Cromer crabs for the price of only £13.00. You're not quite sure how to start off? Just ask a member of staff at the desk in the merchandise shop how you should begin your adventure and you shall receive great guidance from a great customer service. I once attemoted crab fishing but unfortunately had no luck while the lady beside me had already caught 7 crabs total within the hour we were both there!

  4. Visit the arcades along Cromer coastline, especially if you have children, as you will find that there is a large range of machines to play on. These include: 2p machines, claw machines, air hockey, motor games and don't forget the casinos latched onto the sides. Many of these machines are not rigged so you shouldn't be disappointed at the prize draws you can receive.

  5. Everyone knows that a day by the coast has to end with fish and chips. Luckily, when walking along the coastline you will find many shops, stalls and food trucks that do just that to please your appetite. One of the many delights at Cromer is that you can receive a bucket full of chips and a spade so you can delve deep into them. You can even use this bucket afterwards to build your own sandcastles, so you really get your money's worth.

  6. You may also find it a great plan to visit the Cromer market where you will find groceries, delicious bakes, vintage clothes and of course the Cromer crabs. Everything here is priced reasonably although it can get pretty packed fairly quickly.

  7. Just a small walk away from the coastline you will find a mini-golf course known as Crab Stixs. This is great if you're looking for entertainment. As while there are 22 holes overall, the course is definitely pleasing and brings you pride and joy while you battle it out to get to the end of the course.

  8. Why not check out Cromer town? You will find a number of quirky shops to spend your pocket money in as well as the most tongue curling bakeries you just have to visit.

  9. Cromer is at the coast so you obviously have to check out the beach. However prepare to be surprised by the light blue sea that is on display after the clear flat sand(a very rare sight in the UK). This is considering the fact other beaches around the UK tend to have grey seas, like Hunstanton. Cromer's sands will definitely take your breath away.

  10. If you're staying in Cromer then the Amazona Zoo might just be the perfect visit for you, providing another day trip option. The zoo itself despite its smaller size has a wide selection of animals consisting of toucans, pumas, monkeys, owls , reptiles and much more - just to name a few.

I would always consider Cromer as a great option for a day trip or holiday as it has so much to do. Everyone will enjoy themselves and there's no way you will ever get bored.

Unless of course you don't like the coast and then Cromer certainly isn't for you!

  • Written by Megan Hope Newman

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