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The Walking Dead: The End of an Era

Many of you have heard of the AMC+ series, whether you have watched it or not. Since its debut in 2010, the series has experienced a sharp increase in popularity. However, the show is finally coming to an end after 12 years, with the final episodes being released gradually over a lengthy period of time. It breaks my heart to see the show end as a die-hard fan, but what do others think? Over time, has it been a success or a failure?

Most reviews of the show's success or failure in the media are evenly divided. Although many of the show's viewers adore it and will miss it terribly when it ends, not everyone shares the same viewpoints. After so many seasons, many critics feel The Walking Dead has lost its freshness. They argue that there is no longer any character development, leaving viewers with repetitive, dull dialogue. One critic wrote: "The Walking Dead is so scared of its characters' being unlikeable that it makes them boring." Some even claim that the first season of the show was the only one to be good and enjoyable!

What would I say? Despite the fact that I adore the show, I can't say I completely disagree with some of these critics' opinions. As the show developed over time, I couldn't help but notice how the newer seasons couldn't compare to the older, original ones. Season 1 was excellent and featured introductions to a wide variety of character types, but I felt it was hard to watch the entirety of Season 11 without getting the urge to watch a different show. I personally believe the plot had been dragged out for too long, to the point where the directors were continually introducing the same types of characters. In addition, the backstories of the various antagonists in the show, in my opinion, were too similar. The Whisperers, also known as Alpha and Beta, were, in my view, the only distinctive antagonists throughout the show's 11 seasons. What is your opinion? Do you feel each antagonist was interesting, or do you think a bit more creativity would've helped the show gain better reviews?

Which is more enjoyable, The Walking Dead or ZNation? As they are both zombie shows, they contain similar aspects of mise-en-scene and cinematography, but they received slightly different reviews. Some believe that ZNation copied The Walking Dead primarily because it premiered after the show's release. Others disagree and claim ZNation was "everything The Walking Dead currently is not." ZNation grew a reputation for being more enjoyable than The Walking Dead for being full of "comedic value". As someone who has watched both shows, I struggle to determine which I like the best. However, I do agree that the comedy of ZNation is much better.

If you've seen both, which do you think is better? If you've only seen one, do you think the other could possibly be better?

The Walking Dead itself has won many awards over the years, winning 70 and being nominated for 155. It has won ASCAP Awards for 6 years in a row (2012–2017) for the Top Television Series, two American Film Institute Awards (2010, 2012) for the Television Programme of the Year, one ASTRA Award (2014) for the Favourite Program-International Drama, one Bram Stroker Award for Superior Achievement in a Screenplay, and many more. With many successes to its name, the series ending will be a tragic loss in the film and production world.

Are you sad to see the series end? Do you feel the series should've ended a while ago? Let us know your thoughts!

  • Written by Shelbie Webb

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