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NINES - Cultural Trip of Flavour

Across the globe, many countries are known for their fabulous flavours and daring dishes. Truly these dishes are made for the purpose of making your mouth water. Though it feels like some of this captivating cuisine seems too far away to try. Wouldn’t you love to be able to eat it?

Well now you can!!

Introducing NINES Global Buffet, where you can dine on over 100 dishes freshly made each day. Ranging from curries to sushi to pizzas and pastas, with one of my personal favourites the duck pancake station.

What makes this restaurant different to many other international cuisines is how it's famously known for being ‘All you can eat’, meaning you can eat as much of this cultural explosion as your heart (or stomach) desires.

Haven’t got much of a taste for savoury food? I’m sure the vast selection of delectable desserts will have your sweet tooth craving it. Whether you are tempted by the soft serve machine or the endlessly pouring chocolate fountain, it’ll leave you journeying to NINES just for the confectionary.

Luckily, this culinary adventure is just as close as Cambridge, with just a short walk if you’re arriving from the train station. All you need is a love for international cuisine and an empty stomach.

So why leave your taste buds waiting?

  • Written by Kara Palmer

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