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My Opinion on the Big Bang Theory

A short article by Ebube Okoye

In my opinion, I don't believe in the “Big Bang Theory” because of many countless reasons.

Reason one is because of the evolution theory part of it. Scientists suggest that we as humans have evolved from monkeys. The reason why I don't believe in this theory is because us humans have stopped evolving. But why would we stop evolving just then and there? It makes no sense. According to the scientist we’ve reached our fullest form.

Reason two is because of the “Big Bang” part of it. Scientists say that elements from the periodic table today created an explosion. But the only problem with this theory is that if there was nothing to start with and then some elements showed up, there had to have been something there in the first place. And the thing is you can't create energy.

Another reason is that our Earth is too complex to have been created by a “Big Bang”. Everything falls into place perfectly with no doubt about it. For example, our body, our way of living and even our diet.

Just putting my thoughts out there as this area of science really interests me. What do you think?

By Ebube Okoye, Year 8

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